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Yuto's Mother From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'

Yuuka Kamiya (a.k.a Yuto's mother) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and the mother of Yuto and Yui. She is married to Yuto's father Hiruto Kamiya. Yuuka is part of Yuto's family of four. She is sometimes called Mrs. Kamiya.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Yuuka makes her debut in episode 1 when she and her husband were spending time in Yuto's house while her children Yuto and Yui were outside.

In episode 3, Yuuka tells her son Yuto to keep the house clean while she, her husband and Yui were out.

In episode 10, Yuuka was staying at home while her husband, Yui, Mirai, Shuu and Railmin all look for Wanda and Yuto deals with the rebugged Bugmins.


  • Yuuka Kamiya and her husband both work at 'Hobby Kamiya' which is a toy store in Kirakira First Street.


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