Today Is The Last Day Of 2017! This Means That Tomorrow's The Beginning Of A Shining New Year! (2018)

For Me... The Saddest Moment I Had In 2017 Was When The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Season Ended!

2017 Was Also The Year I Started My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Revival Mission In! Let's Hope It'll Succeed Sometime In 2018!

The Best 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Related Moments I Had In 2017 Were:

  1. When I Got The Official Artwork Of My Fan-Made Promin Soulmin!
  2. When I Heard From The Twitter User Oh-Fox That 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Is Coming Back!
  3. When I Got 3 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Manga Books, A Toy Kamiwaza Power-Shot And A Gauzemin Plush On Christmas Day!
  4. When I Began Drawing Promins On April 2017!
  5. When I Wrote A 12-Chapter Story Called 'Kamiwaza World Tour'!

I Also Had Some Best Non-'Kamiwaza Wanda' Moments In 2017 As Well! They Are:

  1. When I Got My 'LocoRoco' Fan-Book On My 21st Birthday!
  2. When I Went Collecting 'NOW' Compilations From The Past Years!
  3. When The New 'Cuphead' Game Is Released!
  4. When I Enjoyed My Time On The Rides At Barry Island, Porth Cawl, Brean And The Tropicana!
  5. When I Enjoyed Watching 'Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You' In The Cinemas And 'Pokemon: Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages' On DVD!

To Mark The End Of 2017, I've Made A Ver Special Promin Picture Of Turbomin!

To All 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Fans Everywhere, Happy New Year And I Hope You All And I Will Have A Great Time In 2018!



Kamiwaza Wanda - New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

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