OK! Here Are My Top 10 Favourite Promins That Appeared In The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise So Far...

10. Yumemin

Yumemin Is A Simply Adorable Promin! I Do Like His Voice And The Way He Says 'Oyasumi'! He's Very Cuddly Indeed Too!

Promin Yumemin


9. Divemin

Divemin's So Cool! I Like His Cute Face! I Also Like The Way He Says 'Pugu'!

Promin Divemin


8. Sharimin

I Like Sharimin's Looks! I Also Love Sharimin's Voice Too!

Promin Sharimin


7. Freezemin

I Do Like Freezemin's Cute Face! Freezemin Reminds Me Of A Plush Toy! :)

Promin Freezemin


6. Gakkimin

Gakkimin's SO Cute! I Love His Voice And Dancing!

Promin Gakkimin


5. Boatmin

I Like Boatmin Because He Reminds Me Of Turbomin! I Love The Way He Says 'Bashar'!

Promin Boatmin


4. Gauzemin

Gauzemin's Adorable! I Also Like Her Bugmin Ego As Well!

Promin Guzemin


3. Turbomin

Turbomin's So Cute! I Do Love His 'Gya' Sound As Well! His Bugmin Ego's So Cool Too! I Also Paired Turbomin With Gauzemin!

Promin Turbomin


2. Hasamin

Hasamin's Very Cute! I Do Love Her 'Choki' Sound Too!

Promin Hasamin


1. Liftmin

Liftmin Is My Most Favourite Promin Of All! I Do Love His Looks! Liftmin's SO Handsome That I Paired Him With Hasamin!

Promin Liftmin


I Hope You'll Like My Top 10 Favourite Promins! :)

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