OK! So... Anyone Have Any Ideas For 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Sequels And 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Spin-Offs?

Here Are My Ideas For Them:

Kamiwaza Wanda Z

'Kamiwaza Wanda Z' Is The Sequel To The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda'. Its Story Takes Place After The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda'.

"Following Don-Bugdez's Extintion And The Purification Of The Wonder-Star, Yuuto, Wanda and Their 3 Friends Masato, Mirai And Shuu Were Congratulated For Capturing And Purifying All The Promins On Planet Earth! Yuuto and His 3 Friend Said Their Goodbyes To Wanda and The Promins They've Captured And Purified So Far And Leave Behind Their Camera-Like Kamiwaza Power-Shots And Their Kamiwaza Shakers! Wanda And The Promins Are Now At The Promin Paradise As Wanda Meets Up With New, Mysterious Fairy-Like Familiar Named Zero! Wanda, Zero And The Promins Enjoy Their Times Together Until One Day The Promin Paradise Was Under Attack By The New Gang Of Bugmin-Fiers Called The Black Bug-Angels! The Black Bug-Angels Were Turning The Promins In The Promin Paradise Into Bugmins As Requested By Their Master Lord Lucifer! Taking Zero With Him This Time, Wanda Goes Back Down To Earth Again And Sees Yuuto As Well As 3 New Kamiers Kaito, Miyako And Yuuto's Cousin Hinata As Well As Yuuto's New Rival Ren! Yuuto And His 3 New Friends Are Now Given Their New Cell-Phone Like Kamiwaza Z-Power-Shots! With Those Kamiwaza Z-Power-Shots, Yuuto, Kaito, Hinata And Miyako Are Able To Catch And Purify More Than 77 New Promins! With The Promins Turbomin, Plugmin, Soulmin And Gauzemin On Their Side, Wanda, Zero And A New Team Of 4 Kamiers Will Have The Courage The Capture And Purify The Promins Once Again And Confront The Evil Black Bug-Angels!"

The Antogonists In 'Kamiwaza Wanda Z' Will Be The Black Bug-Angels!

Zero Is A New Fairy-Like Familar Who Is A Living Tool That Is Used To Purify The Bugmins And Turning Them Into Promins! He'll Be One Of New Protagonists In 'Kamiwaza Wanda Z'!

Yuto's Cousin Hinata, As Well As Yuto's 2 New Friends Kaito And Miyako Will Also Be Introduced In 'Kamiwaza Wanda Z'!

Kamiwaza World Tour

'Kamiwaza World Tour' Is A Spin-Off Movie Of The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise! It's About Yuto And 3 Friends And His Cousin Hinata Meeting Up With Other Kamiwaza Power-Shooters From Around The World. I Wrote A 12-Chapter Story And I'm Hoping For It To Get A Movie Adaption!

Do You Like My Ideas?

What Will Your Ideas For The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Sequels And Spin-Offs Be?

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