Here Are The Q's And A's About My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Fandom! (Note: All Of The Questions Are From Deviantart)

I Got Only One Question From Randy...

Q. Plusmin, What Is Your Favourite Food?  A. Plusmin's Favourite Food Are Strawberries! That Child Promin Loves Eating Those Red, Juicy Strawberries Especially The Ones Grown By Another Child Promin Ichigomin!  

...4 Questions From JinNeko... 

Q. Soulmin, What Do You Do When You're Bored?  A. When She Gets Bored, Soulmin Either Watches TV (Just Like How Turbomin Does), Plays With Her Dolls Or Listens To The Music! 

Q. Hasamin, What Will You Do When Liftmin Smiles At You?  A. Oh My! When Her Husband Liftmin Smiles At Her, Hasamin Will Blush With A Smile As A Reaction! 

Q. Turbomin, Do You Get Along With Your Friends Just Like Gauzemin Or Chakkamin?  A. Yes! Turbomin Most Often Gets Along With His Friends Very Well!

Q. Idolmin, Do You Have A Rival Such Like Glammin Or Melodymin?  A. Yes! Idolmin Does Have One Rival: The Pink Mystery-Promin Dazzlemin! 

...And The Last 5 From My Mum! 

Q. Is Hasamin-Z Afraid Of The Dark? (So Does She Like A Night-Light?)  A. No! Either With Or Without A Night-Light, Hasamin-Z's OK In The Dark! 

Q. What Is Boatmin-Z's Favourite Movie? (And Movie-Snack?)  A. Boatmin-Z Likes Movies That Are To Do With The Ocean But His Most Favourite Movie Is 'Titanic'! Boatmin-Z's Favourite Movie-Snack Are Nachos And He Share Them With His Wife Mermaidmin! 

Q. How Many Teslamins Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?  A. It Only Takes One Teslamin To Change A Lightbulb! (Only If The Lightbulb Is Smashed!) 

Q. What Is Jestermin's Favourite Trick?  A. Jestermin's Favourite Trick Is Dropping Confetti On Other Promins! That Child Promins Always Loves Doing This When He's Bored! 

Q. How Does Turbomin Keep Cool When It Is Hot?  A. During The Hot Weather, Turbomin Always Keeps Himself Cool And Refreshed With His Favourite Drink: Engine Oil! 

Thank You For Asking! 

StrawberryStar123  xxx

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