OK! So... The Kamiwaza Wanda Anime Series Has Not Started Its English Dub Yet! Therefore, I'm Going To Predict The English Dub Names For The Characters Who Have So Far Introduced In The Original Kamiwaza Wanda Anime Season!

Only Wanda, Mighty, Nice And Amazing And The Villains Terara, Megaga, Gigaga, Great And Don Bugdez Have To Keep Their Names When The Anime Is Dubbed!

Characters Who Have Their Names Known Will Have English Dub Names Predicted By Me!

For The Kamiwaza Power-Shooters And The Supporting Main Characters Introduced In The Original Season...

Image Known Japanese Name Predicted English Dub Name
Yuto Holding Some Twigs
Yuto (Japanese: ユート) (Full Name: Yuto Kamiya (Japanese: 神谷 勇人)) Jeff Camerons
Mirai Admiring The Night Sky
Mirai (Japanese: ミライ) (Full Name: Mirai Kohinata (Japanese: 小日向 未来)) Megan Rose
Shuu After He Got The Third Question Correct
Shuu (Japanese: シュウ) (Full Name: Shuuichi Tateishi (Japanese: 立石 秀一)) Toby Batterson
Masato dashing with Jetmin
Masato (Japanese: マサト) (Full Name: Masato Kurosaki (Japanese: 黒崎 正人)) Samuel 'Sam' Blackstone
Souma Worried
Souma (Japanese: ソウマ) (Full Name: Souma Sakamoto (Japanese: 坂本 颯馬)) Vincent Stevens
Screenshot Of Nicole Doing Her Magic Trick
Nicole (Japanese: ニコル) (Full Name: Nicole Oyama (Japanese: 大山 ニコル)) Nicole Osgoode
Smiling Yui
Yui (Japanese: ユイ) (Full Name: Yui Kamiya (Japanese: 神谷 優衣)) Abigail Camerons

Now... Onward To The Relatives! The Predicted English Dub Names For Mr. Kohinata, Mrs. Kohinata, Mr. Tateishi, Mrs. Tateishi, Mr. Oyama, Mrs. Oyama And Mr. And Mrs. Sakamoto Will Be Mr. Rose, Mrs. Rose, Mr. Batterson, Mrs. Batterson, Mr. Osgoode, Mrs. Osgoode And Mr. And Mrs. Stevens While The Wonder-King Keeps His Name. For Those Relatives Who Have Their Initial Names Known...

Image Known Japanese Name Predicted English Dub Name
Yuto's Father From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Hiruto Kamiya (Japanese: 神谷 広人) Henry Camerons
Yuto's Mother From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Yuuka Kamiya (Japanese: 神谷 優香) Lucy Camerons
Mako From 'Kamiwaza Wanda' (Screencap)
Mako (Japanese: マコ) (Full Name: Mako Kurosaki (Japanese: 黒崎 マコ) Alice Blackstone
Tora From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Tora Imauma (Japanese: 今馬虎) Sir Ian Hawks
Wanda And An Illusion Of Wannosuke
Wannosuke (Japanese: ワン之介) Wally
Smiling Sakura
Sakura (Japanese: サクラ) Hannah
Momotaru from 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Momotaru (Japanese: モモタロウ) Snowy

And Now For The Other Characters (Only With Their Names Known) Who Are Introduced In The Original Kamiwaza Wanda Anime Season...

Image Known Japanese Name Predicted English Dub Name
Mrs.Hina on her gym outfit with clapping her hands
Mrs. Hina (Japanese: ヒナ先生 Hina Sensei) Mrs. Houston
Mr. Tony From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Mr. Tony (Japanese: トニー先生 Tonī Sensei) Mr. Mercier
Pupupido Morimoto from 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Pupupido Morimoto (Japanese: ププッピドゥ森本) Peter Beatsteps
Jii Yoda holding his electric fan while he looking at photo of him and Baa Yoda
Jii Yoda (Japanese: 与田じい) Norman Caramels
Baa Yoda with holding gifts for Jii Yoda
Baa Yoda (Japanese: 与田ばあ) Pam Caramels
Ichiban-Hoshi Teru From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Ichiban-Hoshi Teru (Japanese: 一番星 テル) High-Street Chairman Elvis
Ryuta And Michiko From 'Kamiwaza Wanda' (Screencap)
Ryuta (Japanese: リョタ) And Michiko (Japanese: ミチコ) (Full Names: Ryuta Bunbu (Japanese: 文武 両太) And Michiko Bunbu (Japanese: 文武 道子) Richard Eyeswood And Rhyannon Eyeswood
Detokkusu Komatsu From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Detokkusu Komatsu (Japanese: 小松デトックス) Madame Gourmet
Naomi From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Naomi (Japanese: ナオミ) Barbra
Lady Mariko After The Rocket Disappeared
Lady Mariko (Japanese: レディマリッコ) Lady Magicia
Takezo Panda With A Handsome Look
Takezo Panda (Japanese: パン田 竹蔵) Timothy 'Pandaman' Bearstein
Ginga Hoshaburo From 'Kamiwaza Wanda'
Ginga Hoshaburo (Japanese: ギンガ星三郎) Mr. Galactabot

Well... That's All Of The Predicted English Dub Character Names For Now!

Until Next Time, See Ya! :)

StrawberryStar123 (talk) 14:08, April 28, 2020 (UTC)

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