I Wonder... I Have Several 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Human Characters Currently In My Mind! Most Of Which Are Kamiwaza Power-Shooters!

Here Are The 4 Fan-Made 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Human Characters Of Mine That I've Already Drawn!

Name Gender Kamiwaza Teammate Promin Buddy Other Notes
Hinata Kamiya Female Perfect Soulmin
  • Hinata's Teammate Perfect Is Wanda's Younger Sister.
  • Hinata Is Yuto And Yui's Cousin.

Miyakko Takamisaki

Female Nyanko (Cat-Like Teammate) Gauzemin
  • Miyakko And Her Family Used To Live Somewhere In Osaka, Japan. They Have Now Moved To Kirakira First Street.
  • Miyakko's Cat-Like Teammate Nyanko Is Also Wanda's Older Half-Sister. Before Wanda Was Born, The Wonder-King And His Wife Adopted Orphan Nyanko Who Was Transfered From Her Birthplace Planet The Nyan-Star.
Kaito Yoda Male Tori-Chan (Bird-Like Teammate) Plugmin
  • Sweet Shop Owner Jii Yoda, Who Made His Debut In The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Anime Season, Is Kaito's Grandfather.
  • Kaito's Teammate Tori-Chan Came From The Flock-Star Which Is His Home Planet.
Ami Kamiya Female Brilliant (Former), Brilliant Jr. (Current) Turbomin-Z (Turbomin's Older Brother)
  • Ami Is Yuto's Teenage Cousin And Hinata's Older Sister.
  • Ami's Old Teammate Brilliant Died When He Sacrificed Himself To Save Yuto, Wanda And Ami. His Son Brilliant Jr. Became Ami's New Teammate.

And... Here Are Some Fan-Made 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Human Characters That I Haven't Drawn Yet!

Name Gender Kamiwaza Teammate Promin Buddy Other Notes
Ren Kusaka Male

Sir Mau (Cat-Like Teammate)

  • Ren Is Yuto's Second Rival After Masato.
  • Ren's Teammate Sir Mau Has A Lover Named Nyanko Who Is Also Miyakko's Teammate.
Luna-Chan (Real Name: Reika Tsukino) Female Stella (Butterfly-Like Teammate) Yuguremin
  • By Her Real Name, Luna-Chan Is Named After Usagi Tsukino Who Is The Main Protagonist From Naoko Tekeuchi's 'Sailor Moon' Franchise.
  • Luna-Chan, Her Teammate Stella And The Promin Yuguremin All Represent The Night.
Solar-Boy (Real Name: Yamato Kanade) Male Ray (Grasshopper-Like Teammate) Yoakemin
  • By His Real Name, Solar-Boy Is Named After Kanade Amou Who Was A Deceased Character From The 'Symphogear' Franchise.
  • Solar-Boy, His Teammate Ray And The Promin Yoakemin All Represent The Day.

I'll Be Drawing Ren, Luna-Chan And Solar-Boy After My Birthday!

See Ya!

StrawberryStar123 (talk) 14:06, February 19, 2018 (UTC)

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