So... On March 25th 2017, The Original 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series Aired Its 47th And Final Episode! However... There Was No Sign Of The Second 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series And 'Tomica Driveheads' Took Its Place!

So... My Mission Is To Get Takara Tomy To Bring Back The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise! I Started My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Revival Mission On May 1st 2017 By Opening Up A Petition...

Then, Towards The End Of May 2017, I Wrote My First Letter To Takara Tomy About Bringing Back The Series! I've Then Got My First Reply From Takara Tomy Via The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Team Saying That They'll Do A New Series In The Future! The Reply Also Came With The Official Artwork Of Soulmin!

Official Artwork Of Soulmin

Soulmin's Official Artwork

On Early July 2017, A Japanese Twitter User Named Oh-Fox Says That 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Will Return Soon!

I Was Delighted! Towards The End Of July 2017, I Wrote Another 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Letter Saying About My Idea For The Next 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series Entitling 'Kamiwaza Wanda Z'!

On October 2017, I've Sent My Third 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Letter To The CEO Of Takara Tomy Containing 3 Questions Saying When Will They Launch The Second 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Series And When Will They Launch The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise Overseas!

On Early November 2017, I've Got My 2nd Reply To The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Team Saying That They Well Recieved My Letter!

Will My 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Mission End As In A Success If The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise Starts A New Series And Launches Overseas?

Something To Go With My Mission

Here's Something To Go With My Mission!

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