Let Me Tell You The Good News About The Page About The Kamiwaza Promin-Zu Segments! I Now Have All 24 Kamiwaza Promin-Zu Segments On The List From Episode 24 To Episode 47! I've Also Thanked Guren For Helping Me With That List! I Am So Proud Of This!

Also... Let Me Tell You Something About The Fan-Made Promins...

Fan-Made Promins Are Promins Created By Those Who Are Fans Of The 'Kamiwaza Wanda' Franchise Like Me And My Friend JinNeko! When I Looked Up On Twitter And Deviantart, I Discovered That JinNeko And I Are Not The Only Ones Who Made Our Fan-Made Promins!

Here Are Some Of My Fan-Made Promins:

Name Image Gender Attribute Kamiwaza Ability Bugwaza Ability
Promin Soulmin
Female Buruburu Brings Imaginations To Life Brings Imaginations To Life In Order To Bother Anyone
Promin Teslamin
Female Shirishiri Brings Power To Fairground Rides Causes Powercuts
Promin Idolmin
Female Hokkori Enhances Teen Idol Performances/Sings Like A Real Teen Idol Makes Non-Teen Idols Have Obsession With Teen Idols
Promin Mangakamin
Male Kicchiri Helps Beginner Manga Artists Create Perfect Manga Comics Makes Manga Artists Draw Scary Illustations
Promin Chuchumin
Male Wakuwaku Brings Joy To Children At An Indoor Soft Play Area Makes The Children Get Scared For No Reason

Do You Like My Fan-Made Promins?



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