Turbomin (Japanese: ターボミン) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Shirishiri attribute Promin.



Turbomin is a red human-shaped Promin with a large point at the back of his head and a wheel each for his legs. Turbomin has 3 grey boosters with 2 on his hips and only one at the back of his head. He has green markings, blue eyes, pink face and hands and a yellow nose.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Turbomin

As a Bugmin, when he smiles, his teeth and his tongue are always shown.


Turbomin is a kind-hearted Promin. He is a bit cheeky but sometimes, he's brave.

When Yuto is not using him, Turbomin spends his time watching TV, eating gasoline-flavoured crisps, sleeping or drinking engine oil. Due to his speed, Turbomin always love to win races. He's not very good at drawing according the 'Promin-Zu' minisode segment in episode 11.

When Turbomin makes a noise, he says "Gya Gya~n" with a childish-like voice.



Turbomin's Kamiwaza ability is move fast and speed up anything including Yuto's skateboard. As a Bugmin, he can make scrap-cars move uncontrollably.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Turbomin appeared in most of all of the episodes in the original Kamiwaza Wanda anime season.

Turbomin first appeared as a Bugmin in episode 1. Bug-Turbomin was playing with some scrap-cars until Wanda captures and debugs him. Later in that episode, Turbomin was first summoned by Yuto in order to help him chase down Bug-Tonkmin.

Turbomin did not get kidnapped in episode 9 so he helped Yuto deal with the rebugged Bugmins in episode 10.

In episode 12, Turbomin was volunteered to help the other Promins to do some super training. He and Wanda got on Yuto's skateboard and got chased by the other Promins as well as Yuto, Mirai, Shuu and Yui.

In episode 13, Turbomin helped Yuto and Wanda save Wanda's dream-world from Bug-Yumemin. Later, Turbomin had his dream manipulated by Yumemin with help from Yuto and Wanda.

In episode 18, Turbomin was one of the Promins who were knocked out by Bug-Stopmin.

In episode 20, Turbomin was one of the Promins who were praticing their dancing. Later, Turbomin ran away with Wanda until he got stopped by Stopmin. Turbomin and Wanda reunited with Yuto afterwards in order to look for Yuto's rival Masato and his Kamiwaza teammate Mighty.

Turbomin was one of the Promins summoned by Yuto in order to fight Jetmin in episode 22.

In episode 25, Turbomin fused with Chakkamin to become Chabomin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker which was introduced by Yuto.

In episode 26, Turbomin was fused with Dorirumin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Tur-rumin in order to complete the second challenge. Later, Yuto tried to fuse Turbomin and Zuzumin together using the same Kamiwaza Shaker but ended up summoning Unchikomin.

In episode 31, Turbomin was seen running on a treadmill. Later, Turbomin, along with Gauzemin, Micmin and Dorirumin, goes out to find Keshigomin and deal with Bug-Artmin.

Turbomin tried to confront Bug-Mentemin who took control of Ginga Hoshaburo in episode 35.

In episode 38, Turbomin catches Terara and calls for some other Promins to come out from hiding.

Turbomin assisted Yuto during the race in episode 39.

In episode 44, Turbomin, along with Jetmin, was kidnapped and thrown into the strange closet by Bug-Katasumin. He was rebugged and he made some sushi gain wheels and run away. He was recaptured and debugged by Yuto with help from Mirai and Shuu later on.

In episode 45, Turbomin teamed up with Kagimin, Railmin, Banemin, Jetmin, Keshigomin, Chakkamin, Meganemin, Jaguchimin, Coromin, Bigmin, Hasamin, Bellmin, Zuzumin and Mutemin in order to capture Bug-Katasumin. Later, Turbomin fuses with Zuzumin and Plugmin throughout Yuto's Kamiwaza Shaker to become Tazugumin in order to chase down Bug-Gauzemin.

In episode 46, Turbomin fused with Rappumin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Ta-pumin in order to stop Don Bugdez in his monsterous form with help from Yuto, Masato, Mirai, Shuu and his Promin friends.

In episode 47, Turbomin fused with Jetmin and Tafumin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Tajebomin in order to save Mighty whose Kamiwaza Pod got destroyed by Don Bugdez.

In the manga

Kamiwaza Wanda (original manga series)

Turbomin made his debut as a Bugmin in chapter 01. Bug-Turbomin caused a scrap-car to move off the pile and chased Yuto and Wanda with it. Yuto and Wanda then chased Bug-Turbomin down the highway. Before he had the chance to reach Kirakira First Street and wreck havoc there, Bug-Turbomin was captured and debugged by Yuto. Towards the end of that chapter, Turbomin was summoned as his Promin self by Yuto.

Turbomin made a fantasy appearance as Bug-Turbomin in chapter 02. He later reappeared as his Promin self when he helped Yuto collect wood for the barbeque fire.

In chapter 03, Turbomin was kidnapped along with the rest of the Promins Yuto has so far by Bug-Liftmin and the Bug Bites. Luckly, Turbomin managed to escape as his Promin self but the rest of the Promins Yuto has so far were rebugged. Later, he attemped to climb up the lamp-post in order to reach Yuto's Kamiwaza Power-Shot but Bug-Jetmin knocked him over.

In chapter 04, Turbomin and Yuto teased Bug-Railmin who traps them in a circular loop until Bug-Tonkmin smashed a part of it. Later Yuto thanks Jetmin and Turbomin for helping him recapture and debug the rebugged Bugmins.

In chapter 07, Turbomin was one of the Promins Yuto uses to battle Hanshamin and Deodomin who are two of Masato's Promins. That was until Jetmin blew Yuto, Wanda, Turbomin, Freezemin, Chakkamin and Jaguchimin off the ground with a tornado. Later, Turbomin sat with Wanda, Burgemin and Sharimin whilst waiting for Yuto to invent a new device: the Kamiwaza Shaker.

Throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker by Yuto in chapter 08, Turbomin was fused with Chakkamin to become Chabomin and then with Dorirumin to become Tur-rumin.

In chapter 09, Turbomin fused with Micmin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Maibomin in order to deal with Bug-Motemin with help from Wanda. Turbomin was then fused with Keshigomin throughout the same Kamiwaza Shaker to become Tur-gomin in order to undo the faces of Masato and Mighty that were ruined by Bug-Artmin.

In chapter 10, Turbomin tried to confront the robots which were brainwashed by Bug-Mentemin, with help from Freezemin, but he was crushed by some chunks of ice.

In chapter 11, Turbomin was resting along with Yuto and Wanda until Jetmin came and took them to see Masato, his Promins and Mighty.

In chapter 12, Turbomin helped Yuto and Masato summon Wonder-Promin along with Wanda and Mighty as well as all the other Promins Yuto and Masato have so far.

Along with Yuto, Wanda, Masato, Mighty and Jetmin in chapter 13, Turbomin called for Wonder-Promin to confront Don Bugdez for good. Later, Turbomin was seen eating a burger served by Burgemin. He, Yuto and Wanda then all go off looking for more Bugmins to deal with.




  • Turbomin resembles a motorbike.
  • Turbomin makes referances to various motor-vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.




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