The Strongest Fitting Work! is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamiwaza Wanda. It first aired in Japan on October 29, 2016 on TBS.



Masato and Mighty are planning to de-bug bugmin before Yuto and Wanda does with summoning Symphetic Promin with Kamiwaza Shaker. Meanwhile Yuto and his gang are encountering Bug-Rappumin with new Symphetic Promin! Who is it?


Masato and Mighty are planning to de-bug bugmin despite Yuto and Wanda are having Kamiwaza Shaker to fuse promins to summon Symphetic Promin. Meanwhile Yuto was busy wrapping side dishes as His Mother asked for it, however it was difficult without cutter side on the plastic wrap box. After Yuto visit Shuu who is with Mirai, to buy Karaage for Wanda, however it was wrapped. When Wanda used Kamiwaza Search Light to search for cause, There was Bug-Rappumin. Bug-Rappumin causing trouble with wrapping everywhere(Garbage can's top, Basket on bicycle and Ramen which is going to eaten by Random Man who likes to eat it. When Bug-Rappumin is trapped in alley by Yuto and gang, Bug-Rappumin tried not to be captured by Yuto, Which is used Plastic wrap to block Kamiwaza Shot's light and blocked Senpuumin's wind and also Wrapped Wanda and Promins summoned by Yuto to Stop Bug-Rappumin.

  • Dorirumin
  • Denkyumin

When Bug-Rappumin escaped, Bug-Rappumin caused more trouble(Wrapped Gate of subway train, backhoe's shovel part and also wrapped Truck and Cars). Wanda said this is time or Kamiwaza Shaker, However Yuto got an idea for cut the wraps with Hasamin, inspired by Cutter on the Plastic Wrap box. At the mean time, Masato and Might appears to capture and de-bug Bug-Rappumin with Jetmin, who leanred shadow duplication. Even Yuto tried to stop Jetmin with Various Promin He summoned, but he failed.

  • Stopmin
  • Gauzemin
  • Senpuumin
  • Jaguchimin
  • Freezemin

By the time Yuto made an idea which is stop Jetmin with his duplicated himself at once, that means he fused Stopmin with Mapmin to create Gosei-Stopmin and Stop Jetmin at area selected by Gosei-Stopmin. When Gosei-Stopmin succeed to Stop Jetmin, Yuto was free to capture and de-bug Bug-Rappumin and Masato and Mighty were left however they made other plan to scoring from Yuto and Wanda.


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