Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy company and the original creator of the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise, creating it to compete with Level-5's Yo-Kai Watch franchise. It was founded by Kantaro Tomiyama in March 2006.


As Tomy and Takara

Tomy was founded in 1924 by Eiichiro Tomiyama who is Kantaro Tomiyama's grandfather. Kantaro Tomiyama, a Japanese businessman, entered the Tomy company after his graduation from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom in 1982 and then became its CEO in 1986.

Its long-time rival, Takara, was founded in 1955. In June 2005, Takara purchased a majority stake in Tatsunoko Production.

Tomy's European counterpart, Tomy UK, was founded in 1982.

Tomy and its long-time rival Takara had been separately working on their toy franchises until the merger in March 2006.

As Takara Tomy itself

In March 2006, Tomy and Takara merged into one toy company: Takara Tomy. Following the March 2006 merger, Japanese animation company Tatsunoko Production then become the Takara Tomy's complete subsidary. Takara Tomy then continues to use both Tomy and Takara companies as the distinct brand names on the toy franchises that have originated from those 2 separate companies. The Takara Tomy company also worked on new toy franchises and stand alone products that carry the new Takara Tomy brand.

In 2015, Kantaro Tomiyama stepped down from Takara Tomy as CEO and was replaced by the Dutch businessman Harold Meij who became Takara Tomy's new CEO.

In February 26th 2019, Takara Tomy's founder from the Takara side, Yasuta Sato, died from senility at the age of 94.

Working for the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise

In January 2016, the Takara Tomy company announced a new monster-collecting franchise: Kamiwaza Wanda. In June 2016, 5 months later, Takara Tomy launched the Kamiwaza Wanda toyline.

Tomy Logo

English 'Tomy' logo


  • Takara Tomy is known for it's toy, video-game and children's products in Japan.
  • In the United States and in the UK, Takara Tomy would just be called 'Tomy'.


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