Promin Stopmin
Stopmin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Buruburu.



Stopmin resembles a navy-blue stop-watch with a pinkish-purple face, a cyan handle and buttons and lime-green emblems.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Stopmin

As a Bugmin, his left eye is a bit taller than his right one.


Stopmin is a very serious and accurate Promin.


  • Bellmin (former rival, current friend)


Stopmin's Kamiwaza ability is to prevent bad events from happening by setting a time-freeze on the objects or people that were about to trigger them. As a Bugmin, he could randomly set a time-freeze on various objects and even knock out other Promins.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Stopmin made his debut as a Bugmin in episode 18. Bug-Stopmin knocked out the following Promins without Yuto, Wanda and their friends noticing:

He also set a time-freeze on Souma and Nicole. Bug-Stopmin was then confronted by Zuzumin and his hamster friend and was captured and debugged by Yuto. Later, Stopmin was first summoned by Yuto in order to set a time-freeze on Souma's butler.

In episode 20, Yuto summons Stopmin to stop Turbomin and Wanda from going away.

In episode 24, Yuto summons Stopmin in order to try and confront Bug-Shugamin.

Stopmin's time with Yuto only lasted until episode 28 when he got rebugged by Mighty and his 'Wazawai Jutsu' attack. Bug-Stopmin was later recaptured and debugged by Masato.

Stopmin made his camero appearance in episode 37 and as his Kamiwaza Pro-card in episode 38.

Stopmin appeared in episode 40 when he tried to confront Bug-Tengumin but he got effected by Bug-Tengumin's Bugwaza ability.

In episode 43, Stopmin teamed up with Chakkamin, Cafemin, Hanshamin, Dorirumin and Yajiromin in order to confront Bug-Katasumin. However, Stopmin was kidnapped along with them by Bug-Liftmin and then rebugged by the Bug Bites. Bug-Stopmin was recaptured and debugged by Masato later in episode 45.




  • Stopmin resembles a stopwatch.


  • Stopmin's name comes from the word 'stop'.


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