Shirishiri (Japanese: ノリノリ Norinori) is a Promin attribute in Kamiwaza Wanda. It was introduced in the original Kamiwaza Wanda season. Its theme colour is orange.

List of Shirishiri attribute Promins

No. Name Image Gender Kamiwaza ability
001 Turbomin
Promin Turbomin
Male Speeds up objects including Yuto's skateboard.
002 Gakkimin
Promin Gakkimin
Male Manipulates instruments and plays music.
007 Eishamin
Promin Eishamin
Male Displays moving pictures, movies and holograms.
018 Divemin
Promin Divemin
Male Swims underwater.
019 Micmin
Promin Micmin
Male Sings and speaks in human language.
028 Jetmin
Promin Jetmin
Male Flies from one place to another.
030 Tsukkomin
Male Slaps anyone the comedic way.
031 Banemin
Promin Banemin
Male Bounces and reaches higher places or objects.
032 Drymin
Promin Drymin
Male Dries anything that is soaking wet.
035 Gymmin
Promin Gymmin
Male Gives anyone strength.
054 Rizumumin
Promin Rizumomin
Male Keeps music in the correct rythms.
055 Penmin
Promin Penmin
Male Draws neat lineworks and writes words on paper.
056 Dancemin
Promin Dancemin
Male Makes anyone in discos for dance parties dance.
057 Gagmin
Male Makes those who read gag manga comics laugh.


Rocketmin is the Shirishiri attribute's Fact-Promin. Like Jetmin, Rocketmin has the ability to fly around. He can also take a spaceship into space.


  • Shirishiri actually means 'energetic'.
  • This attribute is sometimes called Norinori.
  • 14 Promins of this attribute were introduced in the original Kamiwaza Wanda season. Tsukkomin and Gagmin are the only 2 who are absent in the anime so far.
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