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Promin-Zu minisodes are episode-ending segments in Kamiwaza Wanda. They are the first episode-ending segments in the origianal Kamiwaza Wanda season, starting from episode 1. Each minisode focuses on the Promins and their daily lives like in the 4-koma spin-off manga Kamiwaza Wanda: Mysterious Joker Promin Stories. The last Promin-Zu minisode is on episode 23. Starting from episode 24, the Promin-Zu minisodes are replaced by the 'Kamiwaza Promin-Zu' segments. All the minisodes are hosted by Wanda.

Minisodes before the original Kamiwaza Wanda season

Before the original Kamiwaza Wanda season begins airing, 3 Promin-Zu minisodes are shown on Youtube via the Corocoro channel.

Minisode No. Minisode title Story Featured Promins
01 Red Light, Green Light Turbomin and his friends are playing red light, green light with Gauzemin being the wolf. However, the times Turbomin, Kagimin, Tonkmin, Railmin and Hasamin holding still went sillier one after another.

Then, Turbomin dashed towards Gauzemin and tags her, making him the winner. Gauzemin then chased Turbomin and the other 4 Promins and caught them with her bandages.

02 Alarm Clocks Turbomin's alarm clock rang. Turbomin wakes up, stops his alarm clock and goes back to sleep. Kagimin's alarm clock rang. Kagimin wakes up and locks his alarm clock in a safe before going back to sleep. Tonkmin's 3 alarm clocks all rang. Tonkmin smashed all three of his alarm clocks before going back to sleep. Just then, Wanda, dressed up as a rooster, jumps in through the window and wakes all 3 Promins up.
03 Turnips Turbomin and his 3 friends were harvesting turnips. They found a huge turnip being stuck in the ground and they work together to pull it out. However, they found out that the huge turnip was actually Wanda disguising as a turnip.

List of Promin-Zu minisodes in Kamiwaza Wanda

Episode Minisode title Minisode Still Story Featured Promins Notes
01 Promin Race
Promin-Zu Minisode 01 Still
Turbomin, Dorirumin and Tonkmin were having a race. Turbomin was so fast that his opponents Dorirumin and Tonkmin couldn't catch up. He laughs and goes to sleep. Dorirumin and Tonkmin were cross so they dug up a tunnel to go past Turbomin and get to the finish line. Turbomin then woke up and saw that Dorirumin has won the race. This is the first Promin-Zu minisode in the original Kamiwaza Wanda season. It is also Dorirumin's Promin-Zu minisode debut.
02 The Amazing Turbomin
Promin-Zu Minisode 02 Still
Turbomin performs a magic trick in which he has to warp Zuzumin from one box to another, assisted by Kagimin. However the magic trick did NOT work. Zuzumin makes his Promin-Zu minisode debut.
03 Turbomin And Freezemin's Prehistoric Adventure
Promin-Zu Minisode 03 Still
Turbomin was chased by a T-Rex. Freezemin came to Turbomin's rescue and trapped the T-Rex in ice. All this was displayed by Eishamin who was entertaining Turbomin, Freezemin and the popcorn-eating Gauzemin. Eishamin and Freezemin make their Promin-Zu minisode debuts.
04 Don't Get Distracted!
Promin-Zu Minisode 04 Still
Railmin brings Turbomin, Tonkmin and Zuzumin in a Promin-Train. Turbomin sees a gas-station, Tonkmin sees a construction site and Zuzumin sees a sleeping cat. The 3 Promins went in separate ways, causing Railmin's Promin-Train to end up in a catastrophie. None
05 Making A Pizza
Promin-Zu Minisode 05 Still
Turbomin, Dorirumin, Tonkmin and Chakkamin all make a pizza together. But... when Chakkamin cooks the pizza, the pizza will end up in a burnt result. Chakkamin and Jaguchimin make their Promin-Zu minisode debuts.
06 Echoes
Promin-Zu Minisode 06 Still
Turbomin and Tonkmin are having fun with some echoes. When they make a big echo together, a strange noise is heard. They found out that the strange noise came from Gakkimin and his friend Micmin all along. Gakkimin and Micmin make their Promin-Zu minisode debuts.
07 Are Promins Edible?
Promin-Zu Minisode 07 Still
Burgemin and Sharimin are talking to each other on the bench with Turbomin in the middle. Turbomin tricks Burgemin and bites his burger-hat. Turbomin then tricks Sharimin and bites the back of his head. Finally, Turbomin tricks both Burgemin and Sharimin but he got caught whilst trying to bite Burgemin's hand. Burgemin and Sharimin then chase Turbomin. Burgemin and Sharimin make their Promin-Zu minisode debuts.
08 Wanda's True Or False
Promin-Zu Minisode 08 Still
Wanda and Jishomin both host a quiz game with Turbomin, Gauzemin and Kagimin as the contestants. Wanda says out a 'True or False' question, in which the correct answer is 'False', but Turbomin, Gauzemin and Kagimin all pick the wrong answer which is 'True'. Jishomin makes his Promin-Zu minisode debut.
09 Can You Feel It Hasamin?
Promin-Zu Minisode 09 Still
Hasamin has to put her hand in the box as Tonkmin, Gauzemin and Railmin are watching her. Turbomin kissed Hasamin's scissor-hand, giving Hasamin a shock. Hasamin then chases Turbomin. Some of the 'Kamiwaza Wanda' fans on the internet posted funny aftermaths after this Promin-Zu minisode.

This is the first Promin-Zu minisode to include an incident between Turbomin and Hasamin.

10 Rescuing Turbomin
Promin-Zu Minisode 10 Still
Turbomin was listening to the music on his ipod when he fell down through a hole. Gauzemin and Denkyumin came to rescue Turbomin from the hole but they got frightened by Zuzumin's pet lion. Denkyumin makes his Promin-Zu minisode debut.
11 Wanda's Drawing Song
Promin-Zu Minisode 11 Still
Wanda sings a song that teaches the audience how to draw him while Turbomin draws. Afterwards, Wanda comes in to see Turbomin's finished result. Turbomin shows Wanda his picture which gives Wanda the shock. This is the only Promin-Zu minisode to feature only one Promin.
12 The Tower Of Sushi
Promin-Zu Minisode 12 Still
Turbomin was balancing a tower of rocks by the riverside and he completed it. He then looks at Sharimin, Tonkmin and Gakkimin balancing a tower of sushi. The 3 Promins finally completed their sushi tower. However, Gakkimin started dancing, causing Tonkmin and Sharimin to lose their balance. They fall down, knock their tower of sushi over and land on Turbomin. Wanda tells the 4 Promins not to play with their food. None
13 Tag! You're It!
Promin-Zu Minisode 13 Still
Turbomin, Tonkmin, Gauzemin, Freezemin and Zuzumin are playing tag and Turbomin is it. Tonkmin, Gauzemin, Freezemin and Zuzumin all get away from Turbomin. in order to prevent themselves fron being tagged by Turbomin, Tonkmin builds up a tower of wood, Gauzemin grabs onto the streetlight with her bandages, Freezemin froze a fountain and climbs onto it and Zuzumin climbs up on a giraffe. All that makes Turbomin mad. None
14 Turbomin's Room Is A Pig-Sty!
Promin-Zu Minisode 14 Still
Tonkmin and Kagimin came into Turbomin room and found out that there were lots of rubbush on the floor. Tonkmin and Kagimin then rid all of the rubbish by building a closet and locking then inside it. However, they didn't notice that they trapped Turbomin inside the closet with the rubbish. This is the first Promin-Zu minisode to take place in Turbomin's room.
15 Pinchers On The Shores
Promin-Zu Minisode 15 Still
Turbomin, Dorirumin and Gauzemin are all having fun at the beach. Turbomin finds a hermet-crab by poking its shell, Dorirumin finds 2 crabs by digging in the sand and Gauzemin finds a lobster by fishing with her bandage. Then, Turbomin finds a pincher in the rock. He thinks it's one of the crab's pinchers. When he came close to it, the pincher ends up on Turbomin's nose. The pincher then turned out to be the scissor-hand of Hasamin. This is the second Promin-Zu minisode to include an incident between Turbomin and Hasamin.
16 Turbomin's Biggest Bite
Promin-Zu Minisode 16 Still
Burgemin has finished making a tall burger for Turbomin. However, Turbomin wants his tall burger squished and fit through his mouth. Luckly, Zuzumin used an elephant to squish the burger, making it perfect for Turbomin to eat. Turbomin then thanked Burgermin for the burger. Suddenly, the burger that Turbomin ate unsquished itself, giving Turbomin's body an expansion. This Promin-Zu minisode takes place in Burgemin's burger restaurant.
17 Stamps
Promin-Zu Minisode 17 Still
Turbomin, Gakkimin and Railmin are all having fun with the stamps. Turbomin's stamp pictures Turbomin himself, Gakkimin's stamps picture musical notes and Railmin's roller-stamp pictures his interest of trains. Just then, Zuzumin comes in with a stamp picturing his dropling which Railmin dislikes. Zuzumin then plays with his stamp everywhere then he goes after Wanda. Zuzumin's stamp is based on another character: Zuzumin's droplings.
18 The Case Of The Disappearing Cake-Slice
Promin-Zu Minisode 18 Still
Turbomin was hungry. He looked into the fridge for a slice of cake but it was gone. He then looked at Sharimin, Burgemin, Tonkmin and Freezemin and he got mad at them. Turbomin then asked who ate the cake-slice but the other 4 Promins said that they had sushi and burgers. Then, Wanda came to investigate but Turbomin found a bit of cake-icing on Wanda's face. Turbomin found out that Wanda ate the cake-slice. He got mad at Wanda who was then frozen by Freezemin. This is the only Promin-Zu minisode when Turbomin gets angry at Wanda.
19 No Peace And Quiet For Turbomin!
Promin-Zu Minisode 19 Still
After watching a lot of television, Turbomin went to sleep on his bean-bag. His quiet time was distracted first by Hasamin, Chakkamin and Gakkimin performing a music concert and then Zuzumin with his elephant. Lastly, Turbomin's quiet time was then distracted by the sound of a doorbell. Wanda warns Turbomin that there's a Bugmin out there. Therefore, Turbomin has to go out, get summoned and deal with the Bugmin that Wanda warned him. A Bugmin has been mentioned in this Promin-Zu minisode.
20 Promin Moon Festival
Promin-Zu Minisode 20 Still
Turbomin, Micmin and Zuzumin are going to see the full moon tonight but the clouds covered it, disapointing them. Luckly, Denkyumin came and lit himself up for the 3 Promins. Turbomin, Micmin and Zuzumin enjoy their time singing, dancing and eating buns until Denkyumin tells the 3 that the full moon finally shows itself, delighting them. None
21 Haunted Promins
Promin-Zu Minisode 21 Still
Turbomin and Kagimin both enter a haunted house. When they got in, they saw a floating will-o-wisp, a mummy and a ghost. Turbomin and Kagimin both got frightend and are fainted. The will-o-wisp, the mummy and the ghost all turn out to be Chakkamin, Gauzemin and Micmin. Wanda wears a witch's hat and a black cape in this Promin-Zu minisode.
22 Promins On The Catwalk!
Promin-Zu Minisode 22 Still
Dorirumin, Jaguchimin, Chakkamin, Freezemin and all the other Promins are getting excited. Turbomin enters the catwalk, wearing a red jacket, a yellow bow-tie and a top-hat. Then, Gauzemin also enters the catwalk with flowers around her. Everyone was pleased to see Turbomin and Gauzemin in their appeals. That was until Railmin enters the catwalk with a dress-shaped cutout. Turbomin wears the same top-hat from the second Promin-Zu minisode except with a red line instead of a green one.
23 Comforting Jaguchimin
Promin-Zu Minisode 23 Still
With an ice-cream cone in his hand, Jaguchimin was happily walking along until he trips on a rock. Jaguchimin drops his ice-cream and then starts crying. Gauzemin came to repair Jaguchimin's leg with her bandages but Jaguchimin was still crying. Turbomin tried to make Jaguchimin smile by making a funny face but he failed. All that crying from Jaguchimin caused a rainbow to appear and made all 3 Promins smile. This is the last Promin-Zu minisode in the original Kamiwaza Wanda season.


  • Turbomin is the only Promin to appear in all Promin-Zu minisodes.
  • The people working for the Promin-Zu minisodes also worked for the 52-episode educational flash anime series 'Zakkuri TV'.