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Nicole (Japanese: ニコル) is another main character in Kamiwaza Wanda. She is voiced by Jun Miruno. Nicole is part of her own family of three. Her full name is Nicole Oyama.



Nicole is a preteen girl with long, yellow hair and greyish-blue eyes. She wears a pink shirt, a green sweater, creamy-yellow shorts, black leggings and navy-blue shoes.


Nicole is cheerful pretten girl who is also a bit of a dreamer. At most times, when she's not in school, Nicole works as a host at her own radio show on Kirakira radio. According to the classroom scene in episode 2, Nicole has a crush on Yuto.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Nicole makes her debut in episode 2 as one of Yuto's classmates.

In episode 10, Nicole's radio station was raided by some animals thanks to Bug-Zuzumin. The next day, she got trapped in a burger bun by Bug-Burgemin.

In episode 11, Nicole has announced on the radio that she has recieved some fan-letters. However, the writing and the pictures on her fan-letters were disappearing and Wanda thinks that it is all thanks to Bug-Keshigomin.

In episode 18, she and Souma were effected by Bug-Stopmin's Bugwaza ability whilst playing a game of 'Twister'. This effect was undone after Yuto captures and debugs Bug-Stopmin with help from Zuzumin and his hamster friend.

Nicole was chosen to star on the television in episode 19. Later however, the filming of Nicole doing her radio station broadcasting job was distracted by Bug-Plugmin.

Nicole made her cameo appearance in episode 45 when she took off her headphones which have gone haywire. She made another cameo appearance in episode 46.

In episode 47, Nicole wishes her crush Yuto and his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and their teammates Wanda, Nice and Amazing good luck on their space journey.


  • Nicole is the only main human character in Kamiwaza Wanda to speack a few English words in original Japanese version of the series.
  • Nicole is one of the 2 main human characters who did not become Kamiwaza Power-Shooters in the Kamiwaza Wanda series yet. The other one being Souma.


  • Nicole has a crush on Yuto, comparing to the main protagonist Usagi, who has a crush on Mamoru, from the 'Sailor Moon' franchise.


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Souma and Nicole with Eishamin and Micmin