Promin Micmin
Micmin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Shirishiri.



Micmin resembles a purple microphone with light-green arms, bright-red feet, a light-green face and yellow markings.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Micmin

As a Bugmin, his looks remained the same but his voice is in a handsome, French prince's accent.


Micmin is a Promin that talks in human language. He is also excellent at singing. As a Bugmin, Micmin dislikes the Japanese karaoke 'dong' sound.



Micmin's Kamiwaza ability is to sing and speak in human language and to make whoever uses him speack through him. As a Bugmin, he can make anyone sing like karaoke stars.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Micmin makes his debut as a Bugmin in episode 6 when he makes Mirai sing like a karaoke queen. Gakkimin tried to confront Bug-Micmin but fails. Luckly, Tonkmin confronted him by playing a low-toned chime noise that will make Mirai drop Bug-Micmin. Then, Bug-Micmin was captured and debugged by Yuto.

Micmin made his camero appearance in episode 7 when Nicole used him for her speech at a special food festival event.

In episode 9, Micmin was kidnapped by Bug-Liftmin. In episode 10, he was rebugged and then messed around in the old man's sweet shop with Bug-Gakkimin. Bug-Micmin was later recaptured and debugged by Yuto who also captures and debugs Bug-Liftmin.

Micmin makes another appearance in episode 12.

In episode 24, Micmin unleashed a loud soundwave that will knock out Hanshamin. He carries on with his singing until his voice was silented out by Mutemin.

Micmin also appeared in episode 36 and episode 39.




  • Micmin resembles a microphone.


  • Micmin is the smallest of all the Promins.
  • Micmin's name comes from the word 'mic' which is short for 'microphone'.