Megaga (Japanese: メガガ) is one of the main villains in Kamiwaza Wanda. He is voiced by Shinja Hamazoe. Megaga is one of the 3 Bug Bites members.



Megaga is the middle-sized member of the Bug Bites. He has red eyes and purple hair. He wears a green suit and green boots. Like Terara and Gigaga, Megaga has a red nose.


Megaga is the handsome member of the Bug Bites. He most often holds a red rose. Unlike Terara and Gigaga, Megaga can extend his limbs and neck by stretching them.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Megaga made his debut along with Terara and Gigaga in the beginning of episode 2 when he was transformed from stretching toy man by Don Bugdez.

In almost all the episodes of Kamiwaza Wanda, Megaga is always with the other 2 Bug Bites members.

In episode 47, following Don Bugdez's extinction, Megaga is turned back into his old stretching toy man form. Later, he along with Terara and Gigaga, finds himself in a box in Yuto's house.


  • The moments showing Megaga holding a rose makes a referance to the 'Pokemon' anime series character James of Team Rocket.


Terara, Megaga and Gigaga behind of the wall
Bug-Bites calling Bug-Dive with hand motion