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Masato is the main character of Kamiwaza Wanda. He first appears in Episode 20. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono. Masato is part of his own family of four even though his parents are not seen in the Kamiwaza Wanda anime series yet. His full name is Masato Kurosama.



Masato is a young boy with spikey, silver hair and green eyes. He wears a purple shirt, a black-and-yellow leather-jacket, navy-blue shorts and white shoes.


Masato is the 'bad boy' in the Kamiwaza Wanda series. He is sometimes rude and a bit of a pushover. Masato's quest is much different to Yuto's as it is to find a cure for his younger sister Mako who was sick. Prior to the series, Masato encountered Mighty.



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In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Masato made his debut in episode 20 when he captures and debugs Bug-Dancemin. Later, Yuto and Wanda finds him and his teammate Mighty.

In episode 21, during a tea party with Yuto, Yui, Shuu, Mirai, Wanda, Nicole and Souma, Masato explains how he met Mighty. Later, he took Jetmin off Yuto's hands and summoned him to confront Bug-Boatmin.

In episode 23, Masato used Mutemin to confront Bug-Recordmin. However, he and Mighty were pulled into an underwater-like diamension as they were kidnapped by Bug-Divemin. Later, after Yuto captures and debugs Bug-Divemin, Masato and his teammate Mighty were set free.

In episode 38, Masato stole his Kamiwaza Shaker from the Bug Bites and Great.

In episode 42, Masato became friends with Yuto after he had a try on confronting Don Bugdez and the Bug Bites.

In episode 46, following Don Bugdez's defeat on Earth, Masato was delighted that his sister Mako was recovered from her illness and coma by Wonder-Promin.

In episode 47, Masato and his sister Mako wished Yuto and his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and their teammates Nice, Amazing and Wanda good luck on their space journey.





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Masato lept down
Masato with Kyatchimin