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Kamiwaza Wanda (original season)

No. Screenshot Episode Title Japanese Airdate
01 Kamiwaza Wanda - 01 - Japanese A Messenger From The Wonder-Star April 23, 2016
Wanda's home planet, the Wonder-Star, is under a spell of the evil Don Bugdez. The Wonder-King has decided to send his son Wanda to Earth in order to find help from a young boy named Yuto.
02 Kamiwaza Wanda - 02 - Japanese Zoo Panic!! April 30, 2016
Yuto and Wanda now have to work together ever since Yuto fixed the Kamiwaza Power-Shot, making it only react at only Yuto himself instead of Wanda. Meanwhile, the Bug Bites have arrived on Earth and Terara casts out some of her Wazawai Program to send in Bug-Kagimin. Can Yuto stop that Bugmin before it's too late?
03 Kamiwaza Wanda - 03 - Japanese Mother's Day Is The Day Of The Bugs May 07, 2016
Yuto and Wanda have to keep the house clean and tidy for his mother Yuuka. However, 5 Bugmins came into the house and made a mess out of it. Can Yuto stop the 5 Bugmins and clean up the house before his parents and sister Yui come back?
04 Kamiwaza Wanda - 04 - Japanese The Rail Continues May 14, 2016
Whilst playing his game, Yuto ignores Wanda who, along with Yuto's sister Yui, decides to go out and leave Yuto in peace. Later, Wanda gets trapped in a railway roller-coaster thanks to the Bugmin Bug-Railmin. Can Yuto stop Bug-Railmin and save Wanda?
05 Kamiwaza Wanda - 05 - Japanese Bugmin's Precautionary Precaution May 21, 2016
Uh oh! Yuto has gone separate ways with Wanda without noticing. When a barbeque is in preparation, Yuto has a bit of trouble dealing with Bug-Chakkamin. Can Yuto and Wanda reunite and save the barbeque?
06 Kamiwaza Wanda - 06 - Japanese Glitter First Star May 28, 2016
There's a singing competition going on at Kirakira First Street and Yuto's friend Mirai's entering it. Mirai was going to do some praticing until Bug-Micmin turns her into a karaoke queen. Can Yuto stop Bug-Micmin and save his friend Mirai? And will Mirai be able the win the singing competition?
07 Kamiwaza Wanda - 07 - Japanese Crying Sandwich! June 04, 2016
Detokkusu Komatsu is coming to the food festival at Kirakira First Street and Yuto and Wanda, as well as Ichiban-Hoshi Teru, are her clients for the day. Detokkusu Komatsu tried out several foods there by taking a bite on them but...
08 Kamiwaza Wanda - 08 - Japanese Quiz Battle In The Library!! June 11, 2016
Yuto and his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu have all been challenged by the Bug Bites to a quiz set inside Kirakira Library by Bug-Jishomin. Can the 3 kids get their brains into gear and win?
09 Kamiwaza Wanda - 09 - Japanese Written Promin!! June 18, 2016
As Yuto was doing a good job on capturing and debugging Bugmins since the beginning of his adventure, Wanda explains about a wonderful place called Promin-Land. Meanwhile at Kirakira First Street, trouble has been lurking around the cutting corners...
10 Kamiwaza Wanda - 10 - Japanese Burst Kamiwaza Shot June 25, 2016
Poor Yuto now lost 13 of the Promins he had so far as well as his teammate Wanda thanks to the 2 Bugmins Bug-Liftmin and Bug-Jetmin. His 2 friends Mirai and Shuu, as well as his father, have to go and help Yui find Wanda. Can Yuto reunite with Wanda and recapture and debug the 13 rebugged Bugmins?
11 Kamiwaza Wanda - 11 - Japanese Goodbye Wanda... July 02, 2016
Oh No! Almost all the writing and pictures at Kirakira First Street are disappearing thanks to Bug-Keshigomin who has removed Wanda's face as well. Without his face, how can Wanda help out Yuto now?
12 Kamiwaza Wanda - 12 - Japanese Charge Up!! July 09, 2016
Yuto brings in the Promins he has so far for some special training... But Yuto's teammate Wanda gets away with Yuto's skateboard and Turbomin.
13 Kamiwaza Wanda - 13 - Japanese Wanda Of The Wonderland July 16, 2016
Everytime he wakes up from his dreams, Wanda became embarrassed as he didn't notice that he has just wet the beddings. In Wanda's dream-world, Bug-Yumemin's up to his own tricks. Can Yuto stop Bug-Yumemin and save Wanda's dream-world?
14 Kamiwaza Wanda - 14 - Japanese The Flying Fan July 23, 2016
When the summer vacation happens, Yuto and Wanda went to visit Jii Yoda at his sweet shop. However his electric fan broke down. Can Yuto and Wanda fix Jii Yoda's electric fan for Jii Yoda and his wife Baa Yoda?
15 Kamiwaza Wanda - 15 - Japanese Which Way Is This? July 30, 2016
Yuto, Mirai and Shuu are going to the beach for a barbeque with their fathers. Yui and Wanda are coming with them too. That was unless the sat-navigator directs them to the wrong places. What Bugmin is causing this situation now?
16 Kamiwaza Wanda - 16 - Japanese Marathon Bounce August 06, 2016
An annual summer marathon race is coming up and Shuu's going to paticipate in it. However, his two rivals Ryuta and Michiko are going to paticipate in the race as well. Will Shuu be able to beat his two rivals in the marathon race? If not, would Ryuta and Michiko ever get to call Shuu a "loser"?
17 Kamiwaza Wanda - 17 - Japanese Magnetic Wanda! August 20, 2016
Yuto and his 4 friends Mirai, Shuu, Souma and Nicole are on a school summer field-trip to the Tokyo Science Museum. Wanda is coming with them too. Suddenly, several objects at the science museum start to move as if they're controlled by some magnetic powers...
18 Kamiwaza Wanda - 18 - Japanese Promin Knocking Out-Ken August 27, 2016
Uh Oh! During a party at Souma's mansion, some of Yuto's Promins have been knocked out. Can Yuto and Wanda solve the mystery and catch the culprit before things get more worse?
19 Kamiwaza Wanda - 19 - Japanese Television Star Nicole! September 03, 2016
A television crew has arrived at Kirakira First Street to film a TV special broadcast there and Nicole is chosen to be the special broadcast's host. Nicole was going to debut on the TV when...
20 Kamiwaza Wanda - 20 - Japanese Black Kamiwaza Shot September 10, 2016
Yuto, Yui, Mirai and Shuu are going to do some dancing. That was until Bug-Dancemin stirs things up. Meanwhile, another Kamiwaza Power-Shooter has arrived at Kirakira First Street. Who will it be?
21 Kamiwaza Wanda - 21 - Japanese Masato & Mighty September 17, 2016
Masato and his Kamiwaza teammate Mighty are invited to visit Hobby Kamiya along with Yuto's 4 friends Mirai, Shuu, Souma and Nicole. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hina was having trouble with one of the swan-boats...
22 Kamiwaza Wanda - 22 - Japanese Promin VS Promin September 24, 2016
Bad smells and good smells have been changed around thanks to Bug-Sumerumin. Yuto and his Promins have to battle with Masato and his Promins to see who will capture and debug Bug-Sumerumin first.
23 Kamiwaza Wanda - 23 - Japanese Counterattack Of The Bug Bites October 01, 2016
The Bug Bites have decided to trap Yuto and Wanda's rivals Masato and Mighty for interrupting their businesses. With help from Mutemin and Recordmin, can Yuto deal with the Bug Bites and Bug-Divemin and rescue Masato and Mighty?
24 Kamiwaza Wanda - 24 - Japanese The Battle For Sugar! October 08, 2016
Trouble is sweetening up in Kirakira First Street and anywhere else thanks to none other than the Bugmin Bug-Shugamin. 2 Kamiwaza Power-Shooters must deal with Bug-Shugamin... But who will capture and debug him first? Yuto or Masato?
25 Kamiwaza Wanda - 25 - Japanese Kamiwaza Shaker! October 15, 2016
The Bug Bites are taking a break while 4 of Yuto's friends and Wanda are having trouble with 5 more Bugmins until Yuto turns up with his new invention: a Promin-fusing device known as the Kamiwaza Shaker.
26 Kamiwaza Wanda - 26 - Japanese Shake Symphetic Promin October 22, 2016
With his new device the Kamiwaza Shaker in hand, Yuto has to take on 3 challenges using the symphetic Promins. After this, Yuto must use the right symphetic Promin to deal with a Bugmin. Can he do that?
27 Kamiwaza Wanda - 27 - Japanese The Strongest Fitting Work! October 29, 2016
There's a commotion at Kirakira First Street and its to do with some plastic wrapping. In order to stop that commotion, Yuto has to confront, capture and debug Bug-Rappumin... before Masato does so.
28 Kamiwaza Wanda - 28 - Japanese Masato's Black Wana November 05, 2016
Yuto, Wanda and their friends have fallen right into Masato and Bellmin's trap which causes Stopmin to get rebugged by Mighty. Will Yuto ever get the chance to get Stopmin back?
29 Kamiwaza Wanda - 29 - Japanese Escaping Wanda! November 12, 2016
Famous magician Lady Mariko has come to do her magic show at Kirakira Amusement Park. However thanks to the Bug Bites and Bug-Sukemin, Lady Mariko's magic show was nearly ruined. Can Yuto and Masato sort out this commotion?
30 Kamiwaza Wanda - 30 - Japanese Kamiwaza Panda November 19, 2016
An entertainer named Takezo Panda has come to entertain anyone near Kirakira First Street. When Bug-Motemin appears from nowhere, poor Takezo Panda got attracted by too many people so Yuto and Wanda must find a way to get Takezo Panda back to normal.
31 Kamiwaza Wanda - 31 - Japanese A Surprising Big Riot! November 26, 2016
Poor Keshigomin... He was recently down in the dumps even though Yuto and Wanda try to cheer him up. Meanwhile, someone is stirring up trouble as graffiti appears at Kirakira First Street.
32 Kamiwaza Wanda - 32 - Japanese Wanda's Love Story December 03, 2016
Wanda falls in love with a cat named Momotaru while anyone else at Kirakira First Street say strange things about the wandering cat Wanda was following thanks to Bug-Heartmin. Yuto must find Wanda and Momotaru and end this embarrassing commotion.
33 Kamiwaza Wanda - 33 - Japanese Wish Upon A Folding Crane December 10, 2016
Oh dear... It looks like that Kirakira First Street has been raided by some origami paper monsters. Since they remind Masato of his unwell sister Mako, who will bring this ridiculous commotion to end once and for all?
34 Kamiwaza Wanda - 34 - Japanese Legend of the Promin! December 17, 2016
Everyone at Kirakira First Street are in a festive mood and Yuto's father Hiruto Kamiya is selling toys that children want for Christmas. However, 3 Bugmins appear to mess things around. Can Yuto confront those Bugmins or will Christmas be ruined?
35 Kamiwaza Wanda - 35 - Japanese Rocketmin Appears! December 24, 2016
Yuto's Kamiwaza Shaker starts to unleash a bright light which directs Yuto to the Tokyo Science Museum. This could mean that Yuto, his Promins, his friends, Yui and Wanda all have to go there. Later, a robot mascot named Ginga Hoshaburo appears to attack Yuto until someone powerful is awakened...
36 Kamiwaza Wanda - 36 - Japanese Advance! Wanda Search-Ken January 07, 2017
Today, Wanda is on patrol duty. Yuto, Yui, Mirai, Shuu, Souma and Nicole, as well as the 2 Promins Turbomin and Zuzumin, are with him. Can they confront all the Bugmin culprits that roam around Kirakira First Street?
37 Kamiwaza Wanda - 37 - Japanese Big And Small January 14, 2017
Things start growing or shrinking and they happen to be the work of 2 Bugmins. Who will capture and debug Bug-Smallmin? Who will capture and debug Bug-Bigmin?
38 Kamiwaza Wanda - 38 - Japanese Shaker Robbery Order January 21, 2017
After failing an attempt to steal Yuto's Kamiwaza Shaker, the Bug Bites decide to make one for their very own with help from their rival Great. That was until Masato and his Promins crash in and steal that Kamiwaza Shaker from the Bug Bites' hands.
39 Kamiwaza Wanda - 39 - Japanese Buruburu Fight Competition January 28, 2017
The next Fact-Promin is about to be awakened at the Tokyo Racing Track... And Masato's going awaken it. Who will get finish the race first? Yuto or Masato? The racing competition is on... but Bug-Yajiromin is about to arrive.
40 Kamiwaza Wanda - 40 - Japanese Tengu, Tengu, Tengu! February 04, 2017
Uh Oh! Everyone's noses get longer whenever they express with their confidence. Wanda's nose got longer too, even though he tried to be like Souma. After learning about the tengu's legend, can Yuto confront Bug-Tengumin and sort out the commotion?
41 Kamiwaza Wanda - 41 - Japanese Memory Warnings February 11, 2017
Yuto and his friends phsycally see their memories when a purple fog emerges at Kirakira First Street. Masato was truamatised when he phsycally sees memories of his own sister Mako. What is Masato going to do now?
42 Kamiwaza Wanda - 42 - Japanese Raid! Don-Bugdez February 18, 2017
Masato is going to take on Don Bugdez on his own. Whilst doing so, he awakens the Kicchiri attribute's Fact-Promin Dozermin. Using 2 Fact-Promins to deal with Don Bugdez was a struggle unless Yuto comes to give Masato a helping hand.
43 Kamiwaza Wanda - 43 - Japanese Great's Secret February 25, 2017
A strange closet comes to Kirakira First Street and is turning several Promins into Bugmins. Yuto and his rival Masato are having a bit of trouble with it... Suddenly, Great appears.
44 Kamiwaza Wanda - 44 - Japanese Nice & Amazing March 04, 2017
Wanda is delighted that his 2 friends have made it to Earth to help Yuto's 2 friends Mirai and Shuu. However, Yuto's Promin buddy Turbomin and Masato's Promin buddy Jetmin are both rebugged...
45 Kamiwaza Wanda - 45 - Japanese Yuto, Desparate Situation! March 11, 2017
With help from his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and his rival Masato, Yuto is able to put an end to the strange closet incident by capturing and debugging Bug-Katasumin... But something worse is approaching after that.
46 Kamiwaza Wanda - 46 - Japanese Comfront Bugdez! March 18, 2017
With the 6 Fact-Promins awakened, Yuto, his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu and his rival Masato are working together to defeat Don Bugdez in his monsterous form. Using them and the Promins, can the 4 Kamiwaza Power-Shooters get rid of Don Bugdez and save Earth?
47 Kamiwaza Wanda - 47 - Japanese Forever Wanda! March 25, 2017
Following Don Bugdez's defeat on Earth, Yuto, Mirai and Shuu and their 3 teammates have decided to go on a space journey to unfreeze the Wonder-Star. Will those 3 kids and their teammates succeed?
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