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Kamiwaza Wanda is a Japanese anime series about Kamiwaza Wanda and it was produced by Takara Tomy and animated by TMS Entertainment. It began airing in Japan on TBS on April 2016 with the original Kamiwaza Wanda season. The main target for the Kamiwaza Wanda series is for children of all ages.


The story is set in a world where every event has been turned into programs, and mysterious monsters known as "Promin" maintain the world. However, many Promin who have turned into bugs known as "Bugmin" are responsible for many of the world's real-life bugs. Left alone, they may eventually turn into a big problem. The boy Yūto encounters the space dog Wanda, and the pair use a camera-like device and key items to capture Bugmin. Promin themselves are able to do things like "accelerate objects," "spew fire," or "create objects," through an ability known as "Kamiwaza" (miracle), and are able to fend off Bugmin with it. At first, the Bugmin only cause small, bothersome things, but it will soon elevate into a global scale threat. Can one boy and one dog save the world?


On January 18, 2016 Takara Tomy and TBS announced that they are working on a new anime franchise. It was revealed that TMS Entertainment will animate it under the directorial supervision by Mitsuo Hashimoto who previously directed the Bakugan Battle Brawlers series. Also it was announced that the manga will be serialized in several manga magazines such as Coro Coro Comics starting in February 2016.


The Kamiwaza Wanda series also has spin-off titles. The first of the Kamiwaza Wanda spin-offs is the 4-koma manga Kamiwaza Wanda: Mysterious Joker Promin Stories with mainly focuses on Turbomin and some other Promins. More Kamiwaza Wanda spin-off titles have not been announced yet.


  • Like 'Pokemon' and 'Yo-Kai Watch', Kamiwaza Wanda involves monster-collecting because of the Promins.
  • Kamiwaza Wanda franchise creators Takara Tomy are also known for the 'Beyblade' franchise and some parts of the 'Pokemon' toy line.
  • Kamiwaza Wanda is a children's franchise.