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Kamiwaza Wanda: Mysterious Joker Promin Stories is a 4-koma manga series drawn by Maeda-Kun and serialised in Corocoro Comic Special, starting in April 2016. It is the first spin-off manga of the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise.

Promins in the manga

Each of the 4-koma manga strips focus on a different Promin each and their hilarious actions. Turbomin is the Promin who is mostly focused on.


  • This is the first spin-off manga in the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise.
  • This is one of the first 2 manga titles in the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise which the other one being the main original Kamiwaza Wanda manga series.
  • Yuto and Wanda, 2 of the main characters from the main original manga series, also appear as supporting characters in this spin-off manga.