The Kamiwaza Shaker (Japanese: カミワザシェイカー) is a device in Kamiwaza Wanda. It is known for fusing 2 or 3 Promins together as it can be done by shaking.

Device actions

Fusing Promins

To fuse 2 Promins together, the Kamiwaza Power-Shooter must place 2 Kamiwaza Pro-Cards on the top of the Kamiwaza Shaker. The Kamiwaza Power-Shooter then closes the Kamiwaza Shaker and then shakes it until it says 'Finish'. The Kamiwaza Power-Shooter then opens up the Kamiwaza Shaker to see the result. These fused Promins are called symphetic Promins.

Summoning a symphetic Promin can be done by placing the Kamiwaza Shaker on the back of the Kamiwaza Power-Shot.

If the Kamiwaza Power-Shooter messes up with the Kamiwaza Shaker, the result will be the attributeless Promin Unchikomin.

For a tri-symphetic Promin, the Kamiwaza Power-Shooter must fuse 3 Promins instead of 2.

Awakening a Fact-Promin

See: Fact-Promins

The Kamiwaza Shaker is also used for awakening Fact-Promins. To summon an awakened Fact-Promin, The Kamiwaza Power-Shot has to hold out their Kamiwaza Shaker to release it.

Summoning Wonder-Promin

See: Wonder-Promin

The Kamiwaza Shaker is also used for summoning the secret Promin Wonder-Promin. To do this, the Kamiwaza Power-Shooter must hold out their Kamiwaza Shaker and say out his name.

Colour variations

Masato's Kamiwaza shaker

Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker

As of the original Kamiwaza Wanda season, only 2 Kamiwaza Power-Shooters have a Kamiwaza Shaker each. Therefore, there are 2 colour variations:

  • Yuto's Kamiwaza Shaker: white, black, green and orange
  • Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker: black, blue, purple and yellow

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

The white-and-black Kamiwaza Shaker made its debut in episode 25 when Yuto introduced it to his Kamiwaza teammate Wanda as well as his sister Yui and his 4 friends Mirai, Shuu, Nicole and Souma. Yuto then uses it to fuse Turbomin and Chakkamin together to create the symphetic Promin Chabomin.

In episode 35, it is revealed that Yuto's Kamiwaza Shaker can awaken Fact-Promins. With it, Yuto summons Rocketmin.

Another Kamiwaza Shaker appeared in episode 38. This time, it's coloured black and purple and was taken from the Bug Bites and Great by Masato. Masato began fusing Promins with that Kamiwaza Shaker in episode 44.

In episode 46, Yuto and Masato used both their Kamiwaza Shakers to summon Wonder-Promin with help from Wanda and Mighty and the rest of the residents at Kirakira First Street.