Hasamin (Japanese: ハサミン) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. Her attribute is Punpun.



Hasamin resembles a crab-like creature with a light-pink shell, a dark-grey body, a fuchsia-pink head, light-green eyes and orange scissor-like hands. She also has fuchsia-pink markings.

For her Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Hasamin

As a Bugmin, her mouth is most often in an angry look.


Hasamin is a kind-hearted Promin. Sometimes, she is stubbon but sometimes, she is gentle. When Hasamin makes a noise, she says a cute 'Choki' sound.



Hasamin's Kamiwaza ability is to cut hard objects such as tree branches. As a Bugmin, she randomly cuts objects without anyone noticing.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Hasamin makes her camero appearance as a Bugmin in the beginning of episode 1.

Hasamin makes her first major role as a Bugmin in episode 9. She was using a pair of scissors to randomly cut objects such as flower bouquets and hair. Yuto uses Chakkamin, Jaguchimin and Freezemin to trap Bug-Hasamin. Yuto then captures and debugs her.

Hasamin was first summoned in episode 10 when she, along with Turbomin, Gauzemin and Tonkmin, has to deal with the rebugged 13 Bugmins.

In episode 12, Hasamin was summoned in order to trim off the branches from a very tall tree before Dorirumin cuts it down with his driller arms.

In episode 17, Hasamin, along with Liftmin, Kagimin and Zuzumin, builds a sandcastle while their owner Yuto deals with Bug-Magnemin.

In episode 27, Hasamin was summoned by Yuto in order to deal with Bug-Rappumin.

Hasamin was fused with Jetmin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Ha-tomin By Yuto in episode 33 when she defeats Bug-Origamin's origami monster.

Hasamin was mentioned in episode 37 which happens to be the debuts of Bug-Smallmin and Bug-Bigmin.

In episode 43, Hasamin was summoned again by Yuto but she got sucked into the strange closet and was then rebugged. Later, she was recaptured and debugged by Mirai.

After dealing with Bug-Katasumin, Hasamin teams up with Plugmin in episode 45.




  • Hasamin resembles a pair of scissors.


  • According to some of the Kamiwaza Wanda fans, Hasamin is in love with Liftmin, another Promin from the Punpun attribute.
  • Hasamin's name is based on the word 'hasamine' meaning 'scissors' in Japanese.