Promin Hanshamin
Hanshamin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Buruburu.



Hanshamin is orange with purple hands, a sea-green face, lilac mirrors with orange frames, lilac arm-bands, a purple cap, a lilac sign on his chest and purple markings. He also has a red arrow-shaped marking on his sign as well.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Hanshamin

As a Bugmin, all of his markings, including the arrow-shaped marking, are in one colour which is red.


Hanshamin is a Promin who is an expert at defence. He is some kind of a handsome Promin as well.



Hanshamin's Kamiwaza ability is to deflect other Promin's attacks with his mirrors and also deflect the light. As a Bugmin, he can bounce back throwing objects (such as snowballs and baseballs) without anyone noticing.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

As a Bugmin, Hanshamin was captured and debugged by either Mighty or Masato prior to episode 20.

Hanshamin makes his debut in episode 20 when Masato first summoned him as an attempt to back off Masato's rival Yuto and his teammate Wanda.

In episode 24, Hanshamin protects Boatmin and Jetmin from the attacks of Plugmin and Chakkamin.

In episode 43, Hanshamin was kidnapped by Bug-Liftmin whilst trying to confront Bug-Katasumin. He was then rebugged after he got thrown into the strange closet. Bug-Hanshamin was recaptured and debugged by Shuu later in episode 45.

In episode 46, Hanshamin fused with Mapmin thoughout Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker to become Ma-shamin whilst confronting Don Bugdez's monsterous form.




  • Hanshamin resembles a mirror.


  • According to some fans of Kamiwaza Wanda on Twitter, Hanshamin is in love with Deodomin, another Promin whose attribute is Buruburu.
  • Hanshamin's name comes from the word 'hansha' meaning 'mirror'.


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