Gauzemin (Japanese: ガーゼミン) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. Her attribute is Hokkori.


Gauzemin is pink with arms of the same colour, a fucshia-pink body, a short, sky-blue tail, 2 sky-blue appendixes, a fucshia-pink nurse-cap-like feature and purple markings.

For her Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Gauzemin

As a Bugmin, her mouth is curled into a cheesy grin.


Gauzemin is a kind Promin. She can be cheeky sometimes. Gauzemin is good at looking after those who were injured or sick. When Gauzemin makes a noise, she says 'Gauze' or 'Chillo' with a cute high-pitched voice.



Gauzemin's Kamiwaza ability is to heal anyone who are injured or sick. As a Bugmin, she uses her bandages to tie up her captives.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Gauzemin makes her first camero appearance as a Bugmin at the beginning of episode 1.

Being one of the 5 Bugmins encountered by Wanda, Gauzemin makes her major role debut in episode 3. She was the second Bugmin to be captured and debugged by Yuto after Bug-Denkyumin.

Gauzemin appeared in most of the episodes of the original Kamiwaza Wanda season.

In episode 21, Gauzemin was summoned by Yuto. She helped him stop the runaway boat that Mrs. Hina was in. The runaway boat was caused by none other than Bug-Boatmin.

In episode 26, Gauzemin fused with Tonkmin thoughout the Kamiwaza Shaker by Yuto to become Ga-kamin, one of the 3 symphetic Promins dealing with the moles in the park.

Yuto passes Gauzemin over to Mirai in episode 44. Mirai uses Gauzemin to stop the runaway sushi with the ribbons. Prior to the end of that episode, Gauzemin was kidnapped by Bug-Katasumin and was then rebugged.

As a Bugmin in episode 45, Gauzemin was recaptured and debugged by Yuto.




  • Gauzemin resembles a nurse.



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