Promin Chakkamin
Chakkamin is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Promin. His attribute is Punpun.



Chakkamin resembles a red fire-lighter with a yellow face, yellow and blue features and yellow markings.

For his Bugmin ego, see: Bug-Chakkamin

As a Bugmin, his teeth are most often shown.


Chakkamin has a 'bad boy' personality. When Chakkamin makes a noise, he says 'Hee-hee-hee' or 'Fire' with a crazy man's high-pinched tone of voice.



Chakkamin's Kamiwaza ability is to cast fire for certain moments like lighting candles and starting campfires. As a Bugmin, he can shoot fire to attack anyone.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Chakkamin's first camero appearance as a Bugmin is in the beginning of episode 1.

Chakkamin makes his major role debut as a Bugmin in episode 5 when he was encountered by Yuto and Wanda. Later, Yuto encountered Bug-Chakkamin again whilst setting up a barbeque for Shuu's parents. Yuto and the Promins he's with so far tried confronting Bug-Chakkamin until Wanda comes into Yuto's rescue and recommends Freezemin. At last, Bug-Chakkamin was captured and debugged by Yuto.

Chakkamin was one of the Promins that were kidnapped by Bug-Liftmin in episode 9. In episode 10, Chakkamin was rebugged and later, he freed Bug-Jishomin from Gauzemin's bonds. Bug-Chakkamin was then recaptured and debugged by Yuto who also recaptured and debugged Bug-Liftmin.

In episode 17, Chakkamin was summoned by Yuto in order to deal with Bug-Magnemin.

In episode 25, Chakkamin was fused with Turbomin throughout the Kamiwaza Shaker to become Chabomin (Chakkamin + Turbomin) in order to help Yuto chase down Bug-Brushmin, Bug-Mejamin, Bug-Showamin, Bug-Drymin and Bug-Spicemin.

Chakkamin makes a camero appearance in episode 31.

In episode 43, Chakkamin was one of the Promins, along with Hanshamin, Cafemin, Dorirumin, Stopmin and Yajiromin, who were trying to stop Bug-Katasumin. However, he was kidnapped by Bug-Liftmin and then rebugged by Bug Bites. Bug-Chakkamin was once again recaptured and debugged by Yuto with help from Jaguchimin and Freezemin.

In episode 44, Chakkamin was fused with Dancemin throughout Masato's Kamiwaza Shaker to become Chacemin (Chakkamin + Dancemin) in order to catch and confront Bug-Turbomin and Bug-Jetmin who were rebugged by the Bug Bites.

In episode 46, Chakkamin was summoned by Mirai. He teamed up with Plugmin in order to fight Don Bugdez's monsterous form.



  • Chakkamin is well known for spewing fire.
  • Chakkamin was featured in the Kamiwaza Promin-Zu segment in episode 25.
  • Chakkamin is the second Promin to be encountered as a Bugmin outside of Kirakira First Street. Bug-Chakkamin was encountered at an unnamed avenue which Yuto and Wanda got attacked in.
  • Chakkamin is the second Promin to be captured and debugged as a Bugmin by Yuto outside of Kirakira First Street. Bug-Chakkamin was captured and debugged by Yuto on the riverside where his friend Shuu and his parents are having their barbecue on.


  • Chakkamin resembles a fire-lighter.