Bug-Turbomin (Japanese: バグターボミン) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Bugmin. He is the Bugmin ego of Turbomin.



Bug-Turbomin shares the same appearance with his Promin counterpart Turbomin except that he's black and gray with red markings, green eyes, a green tongue and a red nose. His teeth always show when he's smiling.


Like other Bugmins, Bug-Turbomin has a crazy, naughty personality. When Bug-Turbomin makes a noise, it's not "Gya Gyan~n" but it's "Gya, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha" as he usually laughs a lot.


  • Other Bugmins (companions)


Bug-Turbomin's Bugwaza ability is to make scrap-cars move uncontrollably.

In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Front View Of Bug-Turbomin 2 (Wider Mouth)

Bug-Turbomin as of episode 1.

Bug-Turbomin made his debut in episode 1 when he was playing with one of the scrap-cars in the yard. He pushed it into a pile of scrap-cars, knocking Wanda off it in the process, and then laughs. Bug-Turbomin then runs away but Wanda captures and debugs him, turning him into Turbomin.

Screenshot Showing Bug-Turbomin Feeling Angry

Bug-Turbomin as in episode 44.

Bug-Turbomin appears again, along with Bug-Jetmin this time, in episode 44 after Turbomin was kidnapped by Bug-Katasumin. He made some sushi gain wheels and run away. Later, Yuto recaptures and debugs Bug-Turbomin with some help from the symphetic Promin Chacemin as well as his 2 friends Mirai and Shuu.

Bug-Turbomin appears in Turbomin's flashback in episode 45.

In the manga

Kamiwaza Wanda (original manga series)

Bug-Turbomin was first seen in the beginning of chapter 01 when he got trapped in the ice along with a few Bugmins. Bug-Turbomin was later encountered by Yuto and Wanda when he make a scrap-car go out of control. He was then captured and debugged by Yuto.

Bug-Turbomin made a fantasy appearance in the beginning of chapter 02.



  • Bug-Turbomin is the first Bugmin to be encountered on Earth by Wanda.
  • Bug-Turbomin is the Bugmin ego of Turbomin.
  • Bug-Turbomin's voice has the sound of the voice of a late-teenager.
  • Bug-Turbomin is the only Bugmin to be captured and debugged by Wanda on Earth.


  • Bug-Turbomin resembles a motorbike.


  • Bug-Turbomin is one of the Bugmins that appeared more than once.
  • Bug-Turbomin is the only Bugmin who was introduced in the teaser before the Kamiwaza Wanda franchise's debut.