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Amazing (Japanese: アメイジング) is a character in Kamiwaza Wanda and a Kamiwaza Teammate. She came from the Wonder-Star to team up with Mirai.



Amazing is a yellow dog-based Kamiwaza Teammate with red features, light-brown ears, lilac arms with light-brown fingers, a light-brown face, lilac hair, sea-green eyes, a sea-green nose and a red hairbow. Amazing also has a sea-green 'W'-shape on her chest. She is often based on a Yorkshire Terrier.

Transformed Amazing

Transformed Amazing

Transformed Amazing

When she transforms using Fukumin, her purple arms, her feet and her yellow tail become clearly visible. Like her teammate Mirai, Amazing wears a pink dress with fucshia-pink ribbons, pink boots and pink flower-resembling hairpins but no pink gloves.


Amazing is a pretty-looking dog-based Kamiwaza Teammate. She loves pretty things and also love to dress up.


In the series

Kamiwaza Wanda

Amazing first appeared in episode 43 when she and Nice came to Earth to team up with Mirai and help Yuto and Masato and Yuto's teammate Wanda.

In episode 44, Mirai had a bit of trouble with Amazing. That was until they encounter Bug-Turbomin and Bug-Jetmin. Amazing and Mirai both transform using Fukumin and then deal with Bug-Turbomin and some manipulated sushi.

Amazing went on a space journey to the Wonder-Star along with Mirai, Yuto, Shuu, Mighty, Wanda and Nice in episode 47. Following Don Bugdez's extinction and the purification of the Wonder-Star, Amazing then said to Mirai and her friends that she will come back to Earth anytime soon.

In the manga

Kamiwaza Wanda (original manga series)

Chapter 13 is the only original Kamiwaza Wanda manga series chapter Amazing appeared in when she and Nice came to see Yuto, Wanda and Mighty after Wonder-Promin unfoze and purified the Wonder-Star.


  • Amazing is the first female dog-like Kamiwaza Teammate to come to Earth from the Wonder-Star.
  • Amazing's arms are often hidden most of the time.


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